160,000 Brits lose jobs to migrants

MORE than 160,000 Brits have lost out on a job to an immigrant in the past five years, an official report revealed yesterday.
It said one British worker misses out for every four non-EU migrant workers who arrive here.

Immigration has also pushed down wages in low-paid jobs but hiked salaries at the top, the study by the Migration Advisory Committee revealed.

It is the first official report to show how immigration from outside the EU has hit British jobs.
It said at least 160,000 UK workers had been “displaced” by the 700,000 non-EU migrants who came here between 2005 and 2010.

MAC chairman Professor David Metcalf admitted the figures meant 160,000 unemployed Brits would be in work if there had been no immigration.

However, the MAC said immigration from inside the EU — including thousands of Poles, Czechs and Slovaks — had “little or no impact” on taking jobs from British workers.

This might be because EU migrants were “less skilled” so the labour market could absorb them more easily.

The report also looked at the impact of immigration on schools, hospitals, crime, housing and transport. It was welcomed last night by Immigration Minister Damian Green.

He said: “It makes clear that uncontrolled immigration can put pressure on the local labour market.”

MigrationWatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said: “The committee has had the courage to say immigration can add to unemployment.”

But left-wing thinktank IPPR claimed that the impact of immigration was limited. It said the causes of unemployment were “complex”.


A TOTAL of £2,216 per head is spent on education for immigrants and their families every year — well above the £1,662 for Brits.

Yesterday’s report said that this is because a high proportion of immigrants are in their 20s and 30s and many have school-age children. As a result, they are more likely to need education services.


THE cost of providing NHS services for immigrants is £2,450 per head — less than the £2,765 per year spent on Brits.

Part of the reason is that many immigrants are young and are therefore more likely to be healthy.

The report also stressed many big cities rely on hundreds of foreign NHS workers.


THE report said its research shows immigration has “zero impact” on crime.

But crucially it failed to look at the effect of foreign organised crime gangs.

Some studies claim having more skilled migrants might even help to reduce the crime rate — because well-paid foreigners are LESS likely to commit a crime than average.


THE influx of migrants has put more pressure on public transport and led to more congestion.

The report concluded immigrants are “likely to generate more congestion” than the average Brit does.

This is because migrants are more likely to be in a job and more likely to be working in London.


AT least 112,000 new homes for immigrants will have to be built in the next five years. This is almost eight per cent of the 1.5m homes needed in England.

The report does NOT look at the controversial impact of low-skilled immigrants on council housing.

But it says well-paid migrants have driven up house prices and rents in London.

Labour rapped

THE Labour Party was blasted yesterday for solely using economic growth to measure the impact of immigration on Britain during its years in power.

Migration Advisory Committee chairman Prof David Metcalf warned: “This can lead to the odd conclusion that more immigration is automatically a good thing because it raises GDP.”

He stressed this approach ignored the overall impact mass migration had on ordinary Brits.

He added: “It is the immigrants themselves, rather than the extant residents, who are the main gainers.”

Prof Metcalf said the MAC’s report tried to offer a much more detailed analysis of the impact of immigration.


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