Will Bradford act on its Muslim ‘grooming gangs’?

It seems that – at last! – the relevant agencies in Bradford have finally accepted the existence of a Muslim ‘sexual grooming’ problem in the city. That acceptance has of course come along with a will and the means to do something about it.

The reason that this huge problem (in Bradford and throughout England – especially the North West) has not be accepted as a problem, let alone acted upon, is the political correctness, or leftist/liberal-leftist, attitude to Muslim sexual grooming. Or, in other words, the fact that virtually all ‘grooming gangs’ in Bradford, as elsewhere, are Pakistanis as well as Muslims.

The only reason why Bradford’s politically-correct Great and Good have finally responded in this way is because external groups (to the council, etc.), such as Barnados, have had the courage and conviction to tell it as it is – and thus be able to do something about it.

So let’s see if Bradford’s Safeguarding Children Board really does attempt to do something about this penchant Pakistani Muslim men have for sexually grooming non-Muslim young girls.


2 Responses to “Will Bradford act on its Muslim ‘grooming gangs’?”

  1. Thank you, I found your post Interesting……

    I’m not from or ever been to the North West, so I will not say there is not a issue with children being groomed for sex by Pakistani Muslims in Bradford or the north west of England.
    So on this issue I can neither agree or disagree.
    I hope I don,t seem to be defensive but I am trying to understand the complex issue of the problem.

    To be Completely honest I found this whole article both disturbing and upsetting. Firstly because I felt it was insulting to both Muslims and people of Pakistani decent and in a sense makes both all Pakistanis and Muslims sound as if they are pedophiles. Secondly that I am ashamed to hear this is a issue with Pakistani Muslims.

    The label Muslim sexual grooming is misleading.
    It is plain and simply sexual grooming no matter of religion.
    I have never heard or known anything cultural in Islam to do with sexual grooming, maybe I am wrong and am missing a vital piece of information to do with Muslim and Pakistani culture.

    I feel there is a issue with both prostitution and pedophiles in our country that needs to be both addressed and attended to with greater resolve.

    I do feel that any person should not call there self a Muslim or be considered a Muslim if they groomed a child for sex or had sex with person who is under age.
    Any person I know including Muslims would agree that the persons responsible should face harsher punishment, under our law.
    Imprisonment and removal from this country if they are a non UK citizen if they break British law.

    But I would like to point out that the issue is the gangs that run prostitution, the issue in England is not just confined to Pakistani gangs but also Romanian, Russian, Bosnian, Chinese and many more gangs of different ethnic origin running prostitution rings grooming women and under age girls for sex with sick persons, and yes if it is a issue it is something we need to address with out stepping carefully around communities feelings. As it needs to be addressed at the root of the cause and resolved.

    But, all British persons of Pakistani descent I know and have ever met are good kind people who work hard and abide by British law.
    Not because they have to, but because there morality of there own upbringing teaches them to do so.

  2. naveedkhalidchaudhry you only have to google muslim grooming gangs in Bradford to see how rife it is. Absolutely disgusting. These people should be deported. We didn’t have this problem in the country before the muslims took hold. So I am very insulted that these disgusting creatures are allowed to get away with it in my country. In the south they are mainly responsible for drug pushing and credit card/cash point fraud, grooming no doubt goes on but seems to be more of a problem up north. Muslims here also gamble and drink alcohol which is supposed to be forbidden, I find them a very dishonest race of people.I agree it’s not just muslims grooming children, but as you have mentioned there are other foreigners doing the same. All should be given prison sentences then booted straight out of the country.I think even if they are ‘British’ they should have their citizenship removed and sent off to their beloved muslim countries, we have been too soft on them for too long and a harsh message needs to be sent out that we are not going to tolerated their vile crimes any longer.I also find it a disgrace that muslims are allowed to chant kill all white British in our streets and we have to accept it. We would not get away with chanting kill all muslims in our streets and if we did that in muslim countries, we would be murdered

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