EDL April 17th Demonstration – Home Office, London

Since the birth of the EDL,‭ ‬the Islamist threat‭ ‬has‭ ‬not only remained,‭ ‬but continues to grow,‭ ‬despite public awareness about the‭ ‬continuously‭ ‬growing‭ ‬threat.‭ ‬There is one threat‭ ‬of‭ ‬which everyone‭ ‬is aware,‭ ‬from the‭ ‬Prime‭ ‬Minister,‭ ‬through the‭ ‬intelligence services,‭ ‬down to the man in the street.‭ ‬That threat comes in the form of Abu Qatada.‭

Even the British criminal justice system understands the threat this man poses to‭ ‬UK security and national interest.‭ ‬They recommended that he be deported back‭ ‬to his homeland.‭ ‬Yet the British government,‭ ‬despite‭ ‬claiming to be willing to do so,‭ ‬have caved in to demands from the European Court of Human Rights that he be kept in Britain because there is‭ ‬‘a risk‭’‬ that he may be convicted in Jordan of terrorist crimes.‭ ‬The‭ ‬problem appears that some of the evidence may have been obtained under torture.‭ ‬On this basis his deportation is to be denied.‭ ‬Yet he is still a threat to us,‭ ‬and he is not even a citizen of our country‭ ‬— and he is still here in the‭ ‬UK living in the lap of‭ ‬luxury at our expense.

On‭ ‬April‭ ‬17th a‭ ‬demonstration has been called to protest at government inaction,‭ ‬to protest at their lack of political will in the face of a known threat to this country and its people.‭ ‬We encourage all‭ ‬of‭ ‬you to be there‭ ‬to make your voices heard.‭ ‬This government must act in the best interests of the country and its people,‭ ‬and not those of unelected officials in a foreign country.‭ ‬We cannot be told who we can and cannot have in our country by people who themselves refuse to have such people as Abu Qatada in theirs.

Who is Abu Qatada‭?‬ He is a Palestinian Islamist terrorist with proven links to many terrorist organisations,‭ ‬including Al Qaeda.‭ ‬He was born in‭ ‬Bethlehem in‭ ‬1960‭ ‬when the‭ ‬West Bank was occupied by the Jordanians‭;‬ hence his Jordanian citizenship.‭ ‬He has been a facilitator of terrorism in various countries,‭ ‬many of which tried to warn‭ ‬Britain of his activities in the‭ ‬1990s,‭ ‬but‭ ‬were ignored.‭ ‬He is regarded by MI5‭ ‬and the Judiciary as a danger to the‭ ‬UK.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Justice Collins,‭ ‬who headed up the special appeals committee,‭ ‬said that Abu Qatada was‭ ‬“heavily involved,‭ ‬indeed was at the centre in the‭ ‬United Kingdom of terrorist activities associated with al-Qaeda.‭ ‬He is a truly dangerous individual‭ ‬…‭”‬.

Even the UN Security Council has imposed a world-wide embargo on him for his affiliation with and activities for Al-Qaeda.‭ ‬Although he has not committed any terrorist crime in the‭ ‬UK,‭ ‬he is linked with the‭ ‬7/7‭ ‬bombers,‭ ‬the‭ ‬9/11‭ ‬attackers and many others around the world.‭ ‬His sermons quite clearly show his hatred for the‭ ‬West and all non-Muslims.‭

The question we have to ask our government is:‭ ‬Why has this horrible,‭ ‬detestable little man,‭ ‬who claims asylum here on the basis of religious persecution,‭ ‬not been deported‭?

It is estimated that his detention since‭ ‬2004‭ ‬has cost the taxpayer over‭ ‬£500,000.‭ ‬They cannot point to the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights,‭ ‬when other countries are deporting their own terror suspects from out of their countries on the basis of national security.‭ ‬Abu Qatada must be thrown out of the country.‭ ‬He has made his bed‭;‬ he must lie on it.‭ ‬He cannot claim religious persecution when he himself has been persecuting non-Muslims around the world and encouraging others to do the same.‭ ‬He is one individual,‭ ‬and‭ ‬he had a choice.‭ ‬He could simply have followed his religion,‭ ‬worshipped Allah in‭ ‬Bethlehem and no one would have heard of Abu Qatada.‭ ‬Instead this evil,‭ ‬hate-filled monster decided to inflict his version of spiritual and political truth on innocent men and women around the world.‭ ‬He should not be allowed to do so from‭ ‬Britain or to do so within‭ ‬Britain.

We need everyone outside of the Home Office on the‭ ‬17th of‭ ‬April to‭ ‬make the British people‭’‬s voice heard by this cowardly,‭ ‬spineless government.‭ ‬Theresa May and David Cameron:‭ ‬if Nicolas Sarkozy can find the proverbials to kick out known terror suspects from‭ ‬France,‭ ‬why can‭’‬t we‭?‬ Why must we continue to endure the hate-filled rantings of this man‭?‬

Remember April‭ ‬17th outside the Home Office.‭ ‬Be there and make a difference‭!

No Surrender‭!


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