Stop wreckers

THE moron who spoiled the Boat Race by swimming in front of the Oxford and Cambridge teams may have unintentionally done us a service.

Because Trenton Oldfield showed how the London Olympics could be wrecked by the bogus protests of attention seekers.

Instead of an admiring world watching a supreme sporting event we’d be putting on one long, embarrassing episode of Britain’s Got Trouble.

Which is why the Government must now announce a deterrent with real teeth.

Idiots such as Oldfield must be in no doubt anyone who disrupts the Games will get a stiff jail sentence. A mandatory jail sentence.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke’s Sentencing Bill is going through parliament. A simple amendment to it can make such tough jail terms law.

This is not about crushing genuine protest. It is about thwarting cranks and ego maniacs.

The police and MI5 are already at full stretch combating the terrorist threat. And as Olympic rowing hero Matthew Pinsent pointed out yesterday, it is impossible to stop every clown hell bent on mayhem.

The marathon, the triathlon and some of the cycling takes take place on public roads. They are easy targets.

The 2004 Athens Games are remembered not for sporting excellence — but for a defrocked priest who rushed on to the track in the Marathon and grabbed the leading runner.

We do not want London 2012 similarly shamed. Meanwhile, Oldfield has been charged with a public order offence and will be hauled before magistrates.

Here’s a suggestion if he’s found guilty. He wrecked the rowers’ big day after years of training.

Why not lock him in a dressing room with the two teams for a few hours?


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