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Norway mass murderer’s trial: A timeline

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Oslo: Below are key moments in the first four days of the trial of Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik at the Oslo District Court on charges of a twin killing spree which cost 77 lives on July 22, 2011:

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012

After entering the courtroom for his trial, Breivik makes what he has described as a nationalist salute after his handcuffs are taken off, touching his chest and extending his clenched right fist in front of him.
Breivik enters a plea of not guilty at the start of his trial, saying his acts were “cruel but necessary”.
He cries as the court views a film he posted online the day of the attack. His face red with emotion, Breivik’s lips tremble and he wipes away tears as the 12-minute film is projected on a large screen, including photos and drawings of angry Islamists.
The court sees unreleased surveillance footage of his bomb attack, showing people walking near his parked van in the seconds before it explodes.
The court hears a recording of a desperate emergency call for help from a young woman hiding in the bathroom of the cafe building on the Utoeya island where Breivik massacred 69 at a Labour Party youth summer camp. The court also hears Breivik’s own two calls to police to surrender in the midst of the bloodbath, reporting “mission accomplished”.

One of five judges in the trial is dismissed after the court deems him unfit following revelations he had called for the death penalty for Breivik the day after the attacks.
After he takes the stand on the second day of his trial, Breivik tells the court of the attacks: “Yes, I would have done it again”. He says life in prison or dying for his people would be “the biggest honour”, as the judge repeatedly urges him to wrap up his reading of a prepared text, for which he had been granted a half-hour but which went on for 73 minutes.
He tells the trial his attacks were “preventive” to avoid a European culture war and says he should be freed, after detailing his Islamophobic and anti-multicultural ideology.


Breivik tells the court there are only two possible outcomes of his trial: acquittal or the death penalty, even though Norway does not apply capital punishment.
The prosecutors question Breivik extensively about a network of far-right militants called the Knights Templar, which Breivik claims to be part of but which the prosecution says doesn’t exist, prompting the confessed killer to lose his cool and accuse the prosecutors of “ridiculing” him.
Breivik says there are currently two other one-man Knights Templar cells in Norway “planning attacks” and who could strike at any time.


Breivik refrains from making his habitual far-right salute after objections from survivors and victims’ families.
He tells the court he meant to kill the entire Norwegian government, including the prime minister, and not just the eight people who died when he bombed the government building in Oslo.
He also says he intended “to kill everybody” on Utoeya island, and not just the 69 people, mainly teens, he massacred on July 22, when 569 people were on the island taking part in a Labour Party youth camp. He also says he had wanted to behead former Labour prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, who had been on the island earlier in the day.


The Italian Solution – Italy

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Europe’s Muslim nightmare

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Op-ed: Europeans horrified to discover that they must contend with homegrown terrorists

As long as we were dealing with Islamic terrorists arriving in Western Europe from the Middle East and not part of local society, it was possible to monitor them and thwart their terror intentions. They were foreigners. Yet what happens when the terrorists are French or European locals of Muslim descent who were born in Europe? To what extent can their actions be monitored and their terror activities curbed? It’s much more difficult, and this is the European nightmare, which keeps growing, as illustrated by the brutal murder in Toulouse.

These Muslim European youngsters, some of whom view jihad as a model for imitation, are deeply familiar with European society and its constitutional, security and moral vulnerabilities. Studies show that Muslim youths born in Europe are much more radical than the generation of their immigrant parents, who were preoccupied with making a living.
A fascinating and important study by British think tank Policy Exchange found that Muslim youngsters in Britain are quickly moving towards radicalization, Islamization, and a desire to change Britain’s identity to conform to Islam. These are loud warning signs, yet nobody can do anything about it in Europe for fear of being accused of primitivism.
The study was premised, among other things, on a poll among Britain’s Muslim population. Some 37% of youngsters aged 16-24 want to adopt Islamic laws in Britain (of course, nobody would renounce their British citizenship) compared to only 17% of respondents aged above 55. Meanwhile, 37% of young respondents want their children to study in Islamic schools, compared to only 19% of older respondents. Some 7% of respondents confessed to admiring terror groups like al-Qaeda, including 13% of youngsters and 3% of older respondents. (Notably, the terrorist who blew himself up at Tel Aviv’s Mike’s Place café in 2003 was a Muslim carrying a British passport.) Finally, 74% of the youngsters prefer their wives to wear a veil, compared to 28% among older respondents.

Easy prey for terrorists
Meanwhile, the European Union has become an awkward, clumsy body, up to its neck in bureaucracy, with odd technocrats assuming top posts: For example, Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton. The EU exposed European states to accelerated Muslim immigration, while forcing them to adopt liberal, lenient laws towards minorities and immigrants. The sense of sovereignty and safeguarding of borders, which is supposed to be natural for every country, was almost annulled, while officials in Brussels make decisions for all EU states; the same Brussels that already boasts a Muslim majority at city hall.

And so, the European Union has become easy prey for those interested in establishing terror cells and misusing the benefits of living in Europe. These Jihad groups view the EU as a bulbous, atrophied body that is an easy victim for their schemes. These are al-Qaeda’s grandchildren already, who are no longer operating in the name of veteran leaders and usually don’t even know them. They are an original European product. Some of them travel to the Middle East or to Afghanistan, come in contact with terror elements, and import the ideas, and arms, to Europe. At times there is no need for it, as the Internet is a superb guide and many youngsters are exposed to violent Islamic information without speaking a word of Arabic.
For long years, senior EU officials felt they were living in a remote, calm island, looking from above at the Third World and Islam, or at least this is how they hoped to view themselves. Yet this is no longer the case. And this truth, which has now pervaded the hearts of millions in France following the Toulouse massacre, is horrifying them. It is not the Jews whom the French are now thinking of; first and foremost, they fear for themselves.

Muslim Brotherhood’s mission to take over Europe and then the World!!

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78% of UK Muslims oppose free speech

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England has fallen to Islam

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Christian Desecration in Manchester, the final proof.

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