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Yaseen Ali Ege murder trial: Mother Sara Ege faints in dock

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A mother fainted in the dock when questioned about allegedly murdering her seven-year-old son and setting his body on fire to hide her crime.

Sara Ege, 32, of Pontcanna, Cardiff, who denies murder, passed out at Cardiff Crown Court when asked about beating her son Yaseen in July 2010.

She has previously told the jury her husband Yousuf, 38, killed their son.

She denies murder. Yousuf Ege denies causing his son’s death by failing to protect him. The case continues.

The court was cleared for half an hour while Mrs Ege was revived by doctors.

After recovering she said: “My husband is the killer. I did nothing wrong, I never hurt my son.

“Yousef was hitting me and Yaseen came in the middle and was saying: “Don’t hit mummy – don’t hit mummy.”

The court heard how Yaseen died of his injuries later the same day.

Police confession
Mrs Ege claimed that after Yaseen’s death, Yousef Ege left the house and his brother Nasser came to dispose of the body.

As her brother-in-law set light to her son’s body, she screamed and tried to stop him being burned, the court heard.

“Nasser then left and I dragged Yaseen from the fire and ran downstairs to call 999,” she said.

Mrs Ege claimed she was forced to confess to murder after a beating and threats from her brother-in-law.

The court heard Mrs Ege, originally from India, had an arranged marriage originally conceived and carried out over five days.

As a maths graduate she claims she expected a well educated and successful husband but found he was a postman and part-time taxi driver.

The court has previously heard that Yaseen was originally thought to have died in an accidental house fire.

However a post mortem examination showed he was dead before the fire started.

The jury has previously been told Mrs Ege was arrested by police and told them she had beat him to death and burned his body because the devil told her to do it.

But Mrs Ege told the court: “I was too scared of Yousef to tell the truth so I went along with his version of events.

“I was fearful for my life – they told me they would kill me if I didn’t do what they said, I didn’t have any choice.

“Yaseen was my little boy and I loved him to bits I would never have done anything to hurt him.”

Mrs Ege was cross examined by Peter Birkitt, representing her husband, who said: “You never meant to kill Yaseen, but when you found that you had you panicked.

“You didn’t know what to do and that’s why you burnt the evidence of what you had been doing.”

The case continues.


Murdered Yasseen Ali’s father told detectives he had no knowledge of his son’s injuries

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The father of a murdered seven-year-old boy repeatedly told detectives in interviews that news of his son’s injuries came as a devastating shock to him.

Postal worker Yousef Ali Ege, 36, was emotional and struggled for words in the video interviews played to a jury at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday.

He told officers he had struggled to believe the details of the fractures to his son’s wrist, ribs, finger, skull and collar bone that prosecutors allege were caused by his wife Sara Ege, who denies murder, on the day young Yaseen Ali died.

“I can’t understand… I don’t know what to say… what can I say,” he said
“A doctor told me my son just passed away from the smoke without suffering any pain. Now it’s like my son suffered.

“He suffered and I didn’t know about it. I don’t know how any of those injuries appeared on him.

“I cannot believe Yaseen could have suffered like this.”
Prosecutors allege Ege must have known about the injuries caused before the fire at the family’s Cardiff home in July 2010 after which his son’s charred body was found.

Injuries found on the little boy’s body included earlier fractures which had healed and the severe abdominal damage which had split his bowel and killed him.

Asked over and over again, if he had caused them or if he knew who had, Ali repeated that he had known nothing until the findings of the post-mortem examination were revealed in disclosures read to him by his solicitor Matthew De Maid.

With Mr De Maid sitting beside him in the interview room the husband who also works as a taxi driver in the city repeatedly denied hitting Yaseen himself.

“No… No… I never hit Yaseen,” he said.

“He never complained about any pain. I was with him in the car every day taking him to school and other places he had to go.

“It is just shocking to me. I thought until now that my son passed because of the fire.

“My wife never told me about any injuries, the school never told me of any concerns, nobody picked it up. We all thought Yaseen was fit and well.

“If I had thought he was injured I would have spoken to Sara and we would have taken him to the doctor.”

Yousef Ege said the last time he saw his son, he had been standing in the hallway as he left the house some four hours before the 999 call was made by his wife to the fire service.

“He looked fine,” he said.

“He didn’t look as if he had any problems – he was just standing in the passage.”

A telephone call brought him back home as the emergency services were outside.

He said: “My wife was in the street wearing an oxygen mask. I was told Yaseen had already gone to the hospital. We went in another ambulance.”

His words were read and played on video recordings to a jury at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday, where Sara Ege, 31, the wife he married after an arranged meeting at her home in India denies murdering their child and perverting the course of justice by trying to burn his body.

Ege sits in the dock, some feet away from her, accused of failing to protect the little boy – a charge he denies.

Yaseen, whose teachers have said they noticed he was sometimes in pain and advised his mum he should see a doctor, died from what prosecutors say must have been more than one impact to his lower body.

The injuries caused were said by a pathologist to have set up a chain reaction which resulted in organ failure.

His charred body was recovered by firefighters who fought in vain to revive him on the front forecourt of the Ege’s home in Severn Road, Canton which has been described by prosecutor Ian Murphy QC as a ‘well appointed property’.

It was later discovered he had not inhaled any smoke but had been dead before the blaze started in his bedroom.

Sara Ege, a graduate in maths and statistics, who was a full time mum recovering from cancer and volunteer school helper, first told police she had been hitting Yaseen with a stick for some time.

She said she did not know why because he was such a good boy – and said she had burned his body to protect herself.

But she later withdrew that statement, instead blaming her husband for the injuries, saying he had threatened her.

She also said voices told her to start the fire she ignited with barbecue gel from their kitchen cupboard but then said someone else had done it.

Yousef Ege, one of a family of six from the Arab Emirates who settled in Cardiff when he was aged nine, told police he was present when his son was born prematurely and had a “perfect” relationship with him.

“Yaseen was my boy,” he said.

The day after his questioning, his solicitor handed a prepared statement to police which outlined his movements the day of the fire.

In it, Ege wrote: “I have a good relationship with my wife and my son – there is no violence in our family home.

“Yaseen had just moved to what we thought was a better school but did not go that day because he didn’t have a teddy to take their teddy bears’ picnic.

“He was happy whenever he went to school.

“I would like to add that we would never harm our family – we were so proud – it was everything to us.”

Returning to the catalogue of injuries noted on Yaseen’s body, he went on: “It is very distressing – I have thought about this all night and I can’t find words…

“I find it very difficult to take in – I can’t make sense of it.

“I have lost my son. I don’t know how my wife is… I find myself sitting in a police station trying to put words together.

“I cannot put words together.”


marie wilks m50 murder

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M50 murder – Timeline
The key events in the murder of Marie Wilks, and the subsequent Police investigation.

Saturday 18 June 1988
Marie Wilks drives her 13 month old son, to her parent’s house, where she picks up her youngest sister, Georgina, who was 11 years old.

The Marina car Marie was driving

Marie had only passed her driving test two months earlier, and this was her first big trip.
She was driving the family’s Morris Marina Coupe.
She drove to Symonds Yat, using country roads, to meet her husband Adrian, was instructing 43 boys from the Hereford and Worcester Army Cadet Force.
6.40pm: Last confirmed sighting of Eddie Browning – in Pontypridd. Agreed by defence and prosecution in the subsequent trial.

Police search the embankment

She left at 7pm, and didn’t mean to use the M50 motorway, but got lost on her way back to Worcester.
The car broke down on the eastbound carriageway, 700 yards from emergency phone 2076B.
Marie left the two children in the car, and walked to the emergency phone:
A Police Operator tries to speak to Marie Wilks >
Help playing audio/video
7.37pm: Marie calls the Police from the motorway, and asks them to contact her parents, and ask them to pick up her and the children.
7.40pm: The Police call her parents, but her Dad is out fishing, and has the family car.
7.41pm: The Police operator tries to relay the message back to Marie, but can’t contact her – he can only hear the background traffic.
7.44pm: Another attempt to contact Marie.
7.49pm: A squad car from Strensham Services finds Georgina walking up the hard shoulder, carrying the baby.
7.51pm: The Police Operator calls a breakdown vehicle, asking them to get to the broken down car as quickly as possible, because Marie is pregnant.
7.59pm: The Police issue a radio message that Marie is missing.
8.01pm: Marie’s mother gives the Police a description of what her daughter was wearing that day. Four squad cars go to the scene. A foot search starts. The emergency phone is found hanging down by its cord.
8.10pm: The Police helicopter is sent to scene, and uses a thermal imager, but sees nothing due to the hot weather, and the fact that Marie had only recently been murdered.
8.20pm: The Police make another call to Marie’s family, but they haven’t heard from her. Tracker dogs are sent to the scene. The search involves 50 officers
Sunday 19 June
Dawn – blood found around the emergency call box.
Marie Wilks’ eleven year old sister >
Help playing audio/video

The murder scene

Monday 20 June
6.00pm: Marie’s body found, three miles away from where her car broke down. She had been left down the embankment, on the eastbound carriageway. She’d been stabbed in the left hand side of her throat, cutting the carotid artery. She also had been hit or kicked on the left side of her head. Her jaw was broken. There was evidence that a car had driven onto the hard shoulder, then reversed behind the crash barrier.
News report of the murder of Marie Wilks. >
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Tuesday 21 June
7.30pm: Memorial service held at St George’s Church in Barbourne, where Marie had been baptised and confirmed a month before. The service was taken by the Rev. Sam Lowe.

Artist’s impression of the suspect

Wednesday 22 June
Marie Wilks Family Appeal fund launched by the Worcester Evening News and the Hereford and Worcester Army Cadet Force. It would have been the couple’s 3rd wedding anniversary.
Friday 24 June
The Police release an artist’s impression of a man seen at the scene. The description they released at the time said they were looking for a man who was “white, with thin, sharp features, a pronounced chin and a long nose, in his 20’s, of a youngish appearance. His hair was cut in the modern style, blonde, short and spiky, with possible yellow or orange highlights. He was of smart casual appearance, as if on his way to a night out. He was wearing a blue/white striped shirt, dark or royal blue trousers.”
Police reaction to the murder of Marie Wilks >
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Police begin the search

Saturday 25 June
The police stage a reconstruction.
7.00pm: Eddie Browning arrested at a social club in Pentre – about the same time the reconstruction was taking place.
Tuesday 28 June.
Eddie Browning appears in an identity parade in Worcester.

Eddie Browning

Wednesday 29 June
Edward Owen Browning charged with murder at Worcester magistrates court.
Wednesday 14 July
The inquest into Marie’s death opens.
Wednesday 20 July
Marie’s funeral in Worcester – Mourners sang the hymns, Abide With Me, and The Lord’s My Shepherd.
Saturday 6 August
A memorial service is held at Worcester cathedral.
Monday 22 August
The Marie Wilks Family Appeal fund, launched in June, tops £16,000. Sylvia, Marie’s mother says: “It is fantastic that this money has been donated, and the family are very grateful. Money cannot bring Marie back, but it will be a help to Adrian, and for (their son) later on.”
Thursday 15 December
The Marie Wilks Family Appeal fund tops £26,000.
3 October 1989
Trial of Eddie Browning starts at Shrewsbury Crown Court.
Friday 10 November
Eddie Browning found guilty of the murder of Marie Wilks.
May 1991
First appeal by Eddie Browning fails.
May 14 1994
Eddie Browning released by Appeal Court, who decided his conviction was unsafe, because evidence was kept from his trial by the Police.
Judges ruled that the jurors might have changed their mind if they had known of Police evidence about the murderer’s car, that was not disclosed at the trial.

Inspector Peter Clarke

The Police had not disclosed a video in which Peter Clarke, an off-duty West Mercia officer, was filmed four days before Mr Browning’s arrest. He was filmed, supposedly partly under hypnosis. He described a sliver-grey non-metallic non-hatchback Renault car, with chrome bumpers and the registration number C856 HFK. Mr Browning’s car was a hatchback Renault, with plastic bumpers, and the registration number C754 VAD.
The Police also failed to disclose two messages provided earlier in the enquiry by Mr Clarke, and another witness, of what they had seen on the M50. Neither message contained any reference to a C registration, although both witnesses later provided evidence referring to this letter.
Disciplinary proceedings began against Superintendent Anthony Stanley, who was accused of neglect of duty.
Eddie Browning was later awarded damages, believed to be in excess of £600,000.


Eddie Browning cleared of illegally carrying a knife in public.

A former soldier wrongly jailed for a violent murder, was cleared yesterday of unlawfully carrying an illegal knife in a public place. Eddie Browning, 52, of The Muse, Ffynon Wen, Llanon, West Wales, served six years in jail for the 1988 M50 murder of Marie Wilks, before being released in 1994.

The pregnant housewife, 22, was found with her throat cut beside an emergency telephone on the M50 in Herefordshire, after her car had broken down.

Browning later received a substantial pay-out as compensation for the time he spent in prison.

Yesterday he successfully fought a charge of possessing an illegal lock knife in a public place despite admitting he had it on his person when he was arrested.

Magistrates in Aberystwyth accepted he had a good reason for having it at the time of his arrest on December 23 last year. He told the court he used the three-inch blade on his cattle farm to cut bails of hay and had forgotten it was in his pocket when he went out.

Unsolved Welsh murder cases still open

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TEACHER Caroline Evans, was found dead by a farmer in a copse on Pant Tywyll, Coedpoeth, near Wrexham, in 1945.

The teacher, who lived with her husband Edward in Park Road, Coedpoeth, had left home to visit her mum at the City Arms in Minera at 10pm, but never arrived.

The shocking murder attracted national media attention at the time and a massive inquiry involving Scotland Yard detectives.

But despite an intensive police investigation lasting years, the killer of the 39-year-old teacher has never been found.
THE death of crippled Hugh Watson in a Llanrwst fire in December 1976 baffled detectives.

The 77-year-old had been stabbed 22 times, but died from a fire in a hayloft.

Detectives were puzzled why Mr Watson, who had no relatives, should have been subjected to such a vicious attack and torture, as he was not robbed of his wallet; it was found in the ashes, containing £18.
Though police appealed for two men seen boarding a train for Llandudno Junction early the following morning, nothing came of it. The investigation has been reopened since, but there has been no further progress.

THE badly-burned remains of farmer’s widow Doreen Morris, 64, were discovered at her home in Mill Road, Holyhead, in March 1994.

The mother-of-three, pictured right, had been stabbed, but police were subsequently unable to secure a conviction over her death.

Subsequent checks revealed that property had been stolen from the bungalow where Mrs Morris lived alone, apart from her two pet corgis.

Police believe the killing was a bungled burglary. A BBC Crimewatch reconstruction of the widow’s death in April led to renewed calls for information.

WIDOW Elsie Hughes, 90, pictured left, was found brutally battered to death in her own house for less than £200, which was missing from her home in Hawarden Road, Abermorrdu, near Wrexham.

She was found in a pool of her own blood in September 2005, after it is thought she disturbed the intruders.

In March 2007, two men were arrested on suspicion of the murder, but were later released without charge.

Photographs of trainers similar to those believed to have been worn by the killer were released in 2008, but nobody has been linked with the murder since.

Welsh Tourist Board Video Part 1

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Drugs gang flooded Welsh university town with heroin

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THE young leader of a drugs gang which flooded the university town of Aberystwyth with heroin was jailed for seven-and-a-half years yesterday.

Haroon Amir, 20, who because of his age will serve the first few months of his sentence in youth custody, commanded a network of dealers, Robin Rouch told Swansea Crown Court.

And Amir’s “chief lieutenant” – 21-year-old Adil Shah – was jailed for four years yesterday.

The close friends, both from Wolverhampton, had denied charges of possessing heroin with intent to supply and money laundering. They were convicted earlier this year by a jury.
The court heard Amir hit on the idea of supplying heroin from Wolverhampton to Aberystwyth where previously there had been a “paucity of supply”.

Mr Rouch said Amir kept a close watch on the drugs operation.
A major Dyfed-Powys Police operation began after several people doing heroin “street deals” were arrested in cars or on trains coming to Wales from Wolverhampton. They had all been heading for Aberystwyth.

Mr Rouch said: “It soon became clear that a new gang had moved into town.”

The court heard that cash from street deals in Aberystwyth was deposited into accounts at the Lloyds TSB and Abbey National branches in the town.

Then, after texts or phone calls, “almost simultaneously” the same amounts would be withdrawn in bank branches in Wolverhampton.

Other members of the gang are due to be sentenced later this week but Judge Huw Davies QC said yesterday he was satisfied it was Amir who played the leading role with Shah having an “operational management” role.

He described Shah, who was arrested in the foyer of Aberystwyth’s Marine Hotel in February 2010, as Amir’s chief lieutenant.

The judge said Shah stopped his involvement in drugs after the arrest but Amir continued to lead the supply operation after his arrest around the same time.

Judge Davies said Amir was “undeterred” by the arrest and he began “bringing in substitutes” for suppliers and other who were arrested. He said it was not until June 2010 that Amir’s activities in Aberystwyth were finally brought to an end.

The judge said the supply of heroin had a “pernicious effect” on the community in Aberystwyth, a university town.

He said: “The damage done by heroin all too often is damage done to young people, marking their lives for a very long time.”

The court heard both defendants had histories of possession of cannabis.

The judge said as part of the operation, a woman went to Aberystwyth from Wolverhampton by train and was arrested with 134 £20 street deals of heroin. And a man was arrested taking the same route by train with 181 street deals of heroin on him.

Mr Rouch said Amir travelled to Aberystwyth when police began arresting street dealers.

The court heard that since being given bail after his arrest, Shah’s character had changed and he was a hard-working employee at his uncle’s restaurant in Wolverhampton where he had risen to the role of manager.

Man hunt following assault of woman in Butetown

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Police are searching for a man in Cardiff after a 43 year-old woman was sexually assaulted in the Butetown area of the city.

An image of the man they are searching for in connection with the assault, which happened at around 6.20am on April 22, has been released.

The woman was walking along Bute Street when she was sexually and physically assaulted in an area between Bute Street and Lloyd George Ave.

Detective Inspector Noel Harris said: “Extensive enquiries have been on-going since this incident was reported to us. However, we are now appealing for help from the public.

“This was a very frightening experience for the woman who, as you would expect, has been left extremely distressed. Support has been provided to her and this is on-going.”

The suspect is described as having tanned skin, of stocky build, with blue eyes and dark curly hair. He was wearing a ‘puffa’ type jacket which had fur trim around the detachable hood. He is aged in his late 20s or 30s and is described as having a Turkish or Greek accent.

It is believed he may have been in the St Mary Street area prior to the assault and may have spoken to a number of people.

Anyone with information on this incident, the man in the CCTV, or the individual himself, is asked to contact Fairwater CID on 029 20 527248 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.