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MP’s twitter rant at foreign workers for serving him ‘worst’ bacon sandwich

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Labour backbencher Barry Sheerman claimed he represents ‘the good folk of Huddersfield not Gdansk!’

A Labour MP has been accused of xenophobia after he went on twitter to blame foreign workers for serving him a sub-standard bacon sandwich.

Veteran backbencher Barry Sheerman tweeted: ‘Just had worst coffee and bacon bap in London at Victoria Station. Why can’t Camden Food Co employ English staff?’

Mr Sheerman then defended his post by insisting he represented the people of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and ‘not Gdansk’.

And when fellow tweeter Nick Lindford responded: ‘On reflection was that tweet not xenophobic?’, Mr Sheerman replied: ‘We are all allowed a small English rant on St George’s day aren’t we?’.

However Mr Linford retorted: ‘Not in my books no, especially not if you are an MP.’

The MP then retorted: ‘I am not a xenophobe. I am an MP and I represent the good folk of Huddersfield not Gdansk!

Mr Sheerman has since defended his comments arguing that British people should be first in line for jobs.

He told the Daily Telegraph: ‘I was in a bit of a hurry to get the right train.

‘The girl who served me couldn’t speak very good English. She got my order wrong and my change wrong – that’s what made me cross.

‘I know she was from Eastern Europe but I don’t know if it was Lithuania or Poland.’
He insisted he was not prejudiced adding: ‘There are a lot of unemployed people in Huddersfield and I think they should have first crack at jobs rather than someone who arrived from Eastern Europe yesterday.

‘The average young person in my constituency has got competition from every young person in Europe.

‘I can see why everyone thinks our country is paved with gold – they all want to come here.

‘I’m getting increasingly worried about the free movement of people across Europe.

‘It’s a very competitive world out there and my constituents resent that.’

Mr Sheerman said politicians should be free to express their views on immigration and blamed political correctness for hindering a politican’s ability to represent his constituents.