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Jamaican Serial Rapist Chan Wright Raped Again After Avoiding Deportation

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A serial sex attacker who avoided deportation after judges ruled it was “irrational” to assume he would offend again has a psychopathic personality, a court has heard.

Chan Wright, 40, raped and brutalised three women in a series of attacks over a 15-year period. He is facing a life-sentence for the crimes – and now tests have shown he has personality characteristics similar to a psychopath.

Experts advised that, if he is ever released, he will need to be monitored round the clock by the authorities.

Wright received a high score in a test to see if he suffered from the personality disorder, the High Court in Edinburgh heard yesterday.

The court heard how the Jamaican immigrant is unable to accept his guilt for the sex attacks. He is also unable to understand his victims’ pain and suffering.

Such behaviour is a common feature of psychopathy, a psychological condition which affects the behaviour of some serious criminal offenders. The revelation emerged on the first day of a two-day hearing into whether Wright should receive a life sentence for his September 2011 conviction for raping and brutalising three women. He also indecently assaulted another two women. Wright preyed on the females in a series of assaults in Edinburgh, West Lothian, Angus and Aberdeenshire over a 15-year period. The verdicts in these cases came four years after Court of Session judges stopped him being deported.

Then, an immigration tribunal decided the rapist and cocaine trafficker posed a high risk of committing further sex and drugs offences, but Lord Johnston, sitting with Lord Eassie and Lord Wheatley, said its conclusion was “irrational and not justified”. Wright had already served four years for raping a teenager in Livingston in 1995.

kick the nutcase out dont spend anymore of our taxes on this vermin.
give him the 2 fingers



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Tell the truth about Islam

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Military test for Olympics security

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RAF Typhoon jets have arrived at an air base in London in preparation for the Olympic Games as military chiefs said they were ready to react to a “9/11-type attack”.
The four high-speed jets landed at RAF Northolt in west London ahead of a major military exercise to test security for London 2012. It is the first time fighter aircraft have been stationed at the base since the Second World War.
The Typhoons will take part in Exercise Olympic Guardian, a nine-day training operation over the skies of the capital and the home counties that runs from until May 10.
Air Vice-Marshal Stuart Atha, air component commander for Olympics air security, said: “What we will have is a plan that has many levels to it which will allow us to deal at one end – which is that 9/11-type attack – perhaps down to the lower and the slower type of threat that we may face.
“There is no specific threat and all we are doing is having in place what we would describe as prudent and appropriate measures in place, in order that we could react if required in a timely and appropriate fashion.”
Air Vice-Marshal Atha said he hoped the exercise would have “an effect on the mind” of any potential attackers, and added: “I would hope when they see how we are preparing they might be deterred from making any threats to the Games.”
The RAF warned that people in south-east England will notice an increase in air activity at certain times, in particular this weekend.
Other aircraft involved in the exercise include Royal Navy Sea King helicopters temporarily based at RAF Northolt, RAF Puma helicopters based at a Territorial Army centre in Ilford, east London, and Army and Royal Navy Lynx helicopters on HMS Ocean in the Thames.
Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond said: “Whilst there is no specific threat to the Games, we have to be ready to assist in delivering a safe and secure Olympics for all to enjoy.
“The fact that our state-of-the-art Typhoons will be stationed at RAF Northolt underlines the commitment of the Ministry of Defence and our armed forces to keeping the public safe at a time when the world will be watching us.”

Message to the London Voters

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Since the London Mayoral Election is near by, I would like to do us London patriots a favour.
Since Red Ken and many cronies like Red’s and Muslim extremists are going to vote for him at Thursday. I would like you London voters to spare your time and go to the polling station and vote for Boris Johnson.

But I try to spread this message out to the BNP website comments and they will not approve the message.
If your a BNP or UKIP voter, I will urge you to use Boris Johnson as your second preference.
I do not want Red Ken back in because he will fuck London right over again and give us higher taxes and more congestion charge so he can spend it for his luxury meetings and building up more mosques which is a waste of money, bricks and mortar!
The radical left wingers like tree hugging Green party and Liberal Democrats are telling their voters to use Red Ken as their second preference!!!

If your voting for an independent named Siobhan Benita, you know she have links to the Labour party, if you want to vote for her, go on, shes a wasted vote. But make sure you have Boris Johnson as your second preference!

Regardless what you think of Boris, I urge you lot to put a cross next to his name.
The history is repeating itself like in 2008. Red Ken lied that he will step down being mayor, but he just stands up again. I do not want to put up with another 4 years of his dictatorship. I do not want that UAF leader back in as Mayor of London.

Londoners, if you don’t like Tories because of their actions while there in government today, well I afraid that you have to vote for them at the Mayoral election because you have a good candidate named Boris Johnson which he is different then any other Tories.

You know Labour peers at House of Lords are opposing Ken Livingstone, even the boss of the Apprentice Lord Alan Sugar is telling the voters not to vote for Ken.

I really do hope you are getting my message, If you want to copy this message to the London EDL Facebook, or any other place, you are free to do so. Because I want the message to be spread!

And one thing, make sure you bring a pen with you, if you do not have one, you can get one from a shop cheaply, but make sure you bring a pen with you or else you be voting with a pencil. The reason why they give you a pencil is they can rub out your vote and vote for the opposing candidate! But seriously you need to vote with a pen not a pencil!


Also check this out! << also show your support to Boris Johnson by pressing the Like button on Facebook. << Also bombard the comments on his Facebook page about him being a pro islam and his communist views. Also use the link to expose more about the Labour Party which will put the voters off because it's members are nonces! << also check out the 2 links which will show blog posts about red Ken Livingstone! << Casuals United telling their London voters to vote for Boris! << UKIP leader is telling their voters to use Boris as their second preference. But not a peep from a BNP about telling their voters who would their second preference be.

Can a moderator also sticky this thread as well because i want to make sure that the message gets through.

I will do my duty on Thursday and vote for Boris! are you?

Shocking Pic Of Care Home Worker Hitting OAP

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A daughter secretly filmed a care home worker assaulting her Alzheimers patient mother.

Footage of an Alzheimer’s sufferer being repeatedly beaten by a member of staff at a care home will be screened on TV.
The clips claim to show an elderly resident being manhandled by carers at Ash Court Care Centre in Kentish Town, London last year.
The footage, which will be aired on BBC’s Panorama, was caught after Maria Worroll’s daughter Jane hid a camera in her room.
Jonathan Aquino, 30, was jailed earlier this month for the assault on Mrs Worroll. The Filipino was sentenced to 18 months in jail at Blackfriars Crown Court.
Four of Aquino’s female colleagues have since been sacked by the operators of the home, Forest Healthcare, after it reviewed the footage, the documentary says. This is the first time the footage will be aired.
Despite suffering from acute arthritis, Mrs Worroll, 80, was said to be manhandled by her carers and on occasion put to bed at only 5.30pm. On other occasions carers would not greet Mrs Worroll but instead turn on a television to watch while they were in her room, it is claimed.
The documentary also says that one evening’s footage, filmed in June 2011, shows a male carer striking Mrs Worroll six times on the face, arms and abdomen. Mrs Worroll was subsequently transferred to a different home.
The Care Quality Commission, the industry watchdog, awarded the care home an ‘excellent’ rating just three months before the attacks. A subsequent report, produced four months after the incidents, also failed to mention that charges were pending over the incidents, it is claimed.
Judy Downey, head of charity The Relatives and Residents Association, said: “It doesn’t say that a member of staff has been charged. It is not an honest document, it isn’t a helpful document and it isn’t a decent document.
“This is an area where the CQC can do so much if it uses its powers. They can actually cancel the provider’s registration if they’re shown not to be fit. We would suggest that the provider was very clearly shown not to be fit.”

Q&A: Abu Qatada and terrorism deportations

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What has the European Court ruled?

Seven judges of the European Court of Human Rights – one of whom is British – have blocked the deportation of cleric Abu Qatada to Jordan. He has been convicted there in his absence of terrorism offences. The UK has been attempting to remove him since 2005. He is currently being held in a special unit at Long Lartin jail in Worcestershire.

Who is Abu Qatada?

His real name is Omar Othman and he is a Palestinian-Jordanian Islamic scholar who was born in Bethlehem. He came to the UK in 1993 and is among a large group of Islamists who fled from the Middle East to London as they faced persecution.

Abu Qatada is an influential supporter of mujahideen causes. He is accused of threatening British national security by supporting terrorism, something he denies. He has never been charged with an offence in the UK, but has been held in detention and had his movements restricted by a control order because he was suspected of playing a key role in radicalisation. The government has been trying to deport him since 2005.

Why did the European court block the deportation?

In their ruling, the judges said that while they were satisfied that the preacher would not face ill-treatment if deported, he could not face a probable retrial in Jordan because the key evidence against him was obtained by torturing others. It said that sending him back to Jordan would legitimise that state’s use of torture.

How important is this case?

This is the first time that the Strasbourg court has ruled that someone cannot be expelled because the torture of others would mean that they would be denied a fair trial.

Why did this case end up at the European Court?

The Court of Appeal in London originally blocked Abu Qatada’s deportation on broadly the same lines as those now used by Europe. But in 2009 the then Law Lords overturned the Court of Appeal’s decision and said that the deportation could go ahead.

The lords ruled that Abu Qatada’s rights would be protected if he were deported. Crucially, they ruled that while evidence against him may have been extracted by torture of another suspect, they had to decide whether a trial based on that material could be fair. They concluded there were no reasonable grounds for believing that the Jordanian courts could not offer a fair trial.

Is this decision final?

Not quite. Both sides have three months to appeal against the ruling to the Grand Chamber of the court – its highest decision-making body. If nobody appeals, it then becomes final. The court has made clear that if the UK obtained an assurance from Jordan that evidence obtained by torture would not be used against Abu Qatada at trial, there would be nothing to stop his deportation. British ministers and officials are now trying to strike a new deal with Jordan that would satisfy the court. However, Abu Qatada would still have the legal right to challenge anything new so nobody is quite clear when we will reach a final judgement in the case.

What happens if he can’t be deported?

At present he remains in detention. But if he is not facing a criminal charge, extradition proceedings or an attempt to deport, then he must be released from jail. The likely scenario is that his activities would be restricted by house arrest-style conditions. The alternatie extreme option is for the Home Secretary to ignore the European Court and deport him anyway. Italy has done this before – but opponents of this move say that it would be enormously damaging to the UK’s reputation.

Does this ruling mean the UK cannot deport any foreign terrorism suspects to regimes with questionable human rights records?

The government has signed deportation deals known as Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with four governments – Lebanon, Jordan, Ethiopia and Morocco. There is a further separate agreement with Algeria to look at deportations on a case-by-case basis.

Each of these deals is supposedly a guarantee by the relevant government to protect the human rights of anyone who is deported and some 15 individuals are known to be facing deportation under MOUs.

The European Court has now accepted that the Jordan deal is not only sound but there have been “genuine efforts” to provide detailed assurances that Abu Qatada would not be ill-treated.

“The product of those efforts, the MOU, is superior in both its detail and its formality to any assurances which the Court has previously examined,” said the judgement. “The MOU would also appear to be superior to any assurances examined by the United Nations Committee Against Torture and the United Nations Human Rights Committee. The MOU is specific and comprehensive. It addresses directly the protection of the applicant’s Convention rights in Jordan.”