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Moscow Has a Muslim Problem

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Muslim Brotherhood’s mission to take over Europe and then the World!!

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Ban the burka

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George Galloway celebrates ‘Blackburn triumph’ on Twitter after winning Bradford West by-election

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George Galloway appears to have become a little confused after celebrating his recent by-election victory in Bradford when he took to Twitter to laud his “Blackburn triumph”.

Residents of Blackburn will be forgiven for being a little perplexed, as Mr Galloway had in fact won a seat in Bradford West, a Yorkshire city 40 miles away.
Mr Galloway, who ran under the Respect Party banner, led his campaign on the purportedly deep understanding he had of the constituency and its needs.
However, he seemed to have suffered a brief memory lapse when he tweeted at 08.30 this morning: “Welcome to the 6000 new followers. I will try to live up to your expectations. Shattered but happy after the Blackburn triumph.”
He then quickly corrected the mistake, tweeting just minutes later: “Bradford is home for me now.”
He then suggested to his 63,000 followers that his account had been hacked, tweeting: “Nice try. Password now changed.”

Army on standby to deliver petrol in event of tanker strike

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Hundreds of soldiers are being lined up to stand in for petrol tanker drivers threatening strike action next month.

The army and police are on standby to ensure fuel deliveries do not grind to a halt resulting in the same chaos that hit Tony Blair’s government in 2000.

The Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said the government had learned the lessons of the past and stood ready to act if members of the Unite union walked out.

The results of a strike ballot of 2,000 tanker drivers are expected on Sunday and a strike could begin on 3 April.

Maude appealed to the union and employers, including DHL and BP, to come to an agreement to avert industrial action. But contingency plans are in place that could see soldiers being called in to drive tankers and police preventing blockades.

Maude said: “We are calling on the trade union Unite and the employers involved to work together to reach an agreement that will avert industrial action. Widespread strike action affecting fuel supply at our supermarkets, garages and airports could cause disruption across the country.

“The general public should not and must not suffer from this dispute and strike action is manifestly not the answer. Although we are pushing for an agreement, we have learned the lessons of the past and stand ready to act to minimise disruption to motorists, to industry and, in particular, to our emergency services, in the event of a strike.”

Unite announced last month that it would ballot members working for seven major fuel distribution firms on whether to launch a campaign of industrial action.

The union warned that strikes could hit petrol supplies at supermarkets, garages and airports across the country. The 2,000 drivers account for 90% of those supplying petrol to UK forecourts.

Unite said there had been “unrelenting attacks” on drivers’ terms and conditions, adding that it had been trying to establish a forum to agree industry-wide best practice on issues such as safety and training.

78% of UK Muslims oppose free speech

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War on TERROR is War on LIBERTY’ – Nigel Farage (ukip)

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